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What are Microgreens?

They are little seedlings of vegetables and herbs, just a smaller version of their adult counterparts. Micro in size and full of flavour, only a few inches tall they are classed as a superfood, packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients compared to mature plants – up to x40 times concentrated by weight. 

Microgreens are full of antioxidants which can help reduce the risk of certain diseases, fight infections, maintain and improve overall health, low in calories (avg. 29Kcal per 100g) can help with weight loss! Strengthen your natural immune system with quality fresh micro food

They have been a favourite in fine dining restaurants and increasingly popular in households due to the amazing health benefits, convenience and versatility and simply enjoyed on their own as a snack. Great for all the family!

Our Micro Farm

A local family-run micro farm based in Sanderstead growing fresh micro greens for you. In the heart of your community. We care about sustainable quality produce, organic, traceable, zero plastic packaging and free from wherever we can. 


No herbicides or pesticides

Fresh & Healthy

Freshly harvested within 24hrs

100% Organic Seeds

Only certified suppliers

Your Produce

We grow in the community for the community

Proud to serve Croydon and surrounding area

Pea Shoots

A mild & sweet pea flavour with a crisp and succulent texture. A great compliment to salads, wraps, sandwiches, stir fry’s or simply on their own and as a garnish

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Radish Shoots

A surprisingly spicy flavour with a pleasant heat, tender, crisp texture like cress. They are available in purple or green with a beautiful  vibrant pink stem. Excellent in salads, egg dishes, wraps, soups, sushi, garnish with starters and main courses

Sunflower Shoots

An earthy, slightly nutty flavour with a lovely crunchy and succulent texture like spinach. Extremely versatile in so many dishes, cooked or sprinkled. A convenient snack with a packed lunch 

How it works

Your micro greens will be delivered every Thursday, harvested on the same day or within 24hrs to guarantee their freshness.

Your location will determine free or paid for delivery of only £1 based on a minimum order of £8

Note: 1st orders can take up to 10 days due to growing to order just for you

Free delivery: CR2, CR3, CR6, CR8 – £1 Delivery: CR0, CR4, CR5, CR7, CR9, SM6, SM7, RH1, RH2, RH8, RH9

Easy buying options available

‘Sign up’ to a monthly subscription from only £14 per month. Hands on customer service and delivered straight to your door. We always available for our customers and happy to deal with your queries

Free Local Delivery

Minimum Order £8

Organic Seeds

No Chemicals or GMO

Easy payments

Great Value

Trending food ideas

Tricolore salad with radish,
pea & sunflower shoots

A simple and easy salad to throw together, fresh light, subtle crunch with notes of nutty, delicately sweet and a hint of spice to round of the taste of sunshine

Cheese & tomato toastie with
sunflower shoots

A classic at home! Whole seed toast with warm melted cheese, baby plum tomato, cracked pepper married together with a delightful medium crunch and earthy nutty finish

Radish, pea & sunflower shoots omelette

Quick and ready in minutes! Any of your favourite omelette fillings complimented with a delicate gentle texture of radish, similar to cress, Wow! where did that pop of spice and pepper come from 

Mushroom & sunflower shoot spaghetti

A firm favourite! It can’t be any easier surely, just two ingredients, fresh earthy mushrooms being hugged by a sunflower offering a new sprinkled taste dimension, love it! Just add mum & dad (salt/pepper) 

Tasty ways to eat microgreens

  • Raw as a snack – kids love this!
  • Mixed in pasta, stir fry, rice, cous cous, quinoa
  • Baguette, wrap or sandwich filler
  • On pizza, toasties, burgers, tacos as ‘lettuce’
  • With omelettes, frittata, poached or scrambled eggs
  • In salads, with sushi
  • With fish, meat, veggie & vegan dishes
  • Made into a pesto sauce, salsa Verde or as a dip
  • Added to a juice or smoothies
  • In cooking, last minute or sprinkled on top
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