About Us

How did it all start?

It all started a year ago! As a family  we often talked about what we really want to do and what is important and meaningful in our lives. I guess sitting together eating at the time it was clear food had to be at the heart of it. Let’s face it we all feel good with food! 

We felt in our hearts it was time make it happen. So the first thing we did was build raised beds in the garden and started to grow vegetables for home and our loved ones. We felt the need to go back to basics and provide for the family no matter what challenges or obstacles we face and realised the benefits of engaging in such activities  really does help your well-being.

So that really gave us a purpose in life and meaning! Our next conversation was about how can we share our passion for fresh, healthy home grown produce and reach out to our  community and importantly throughout the year.  

The next challenge was set! So after much research, growing and enjoying these little unknown gems called Microgreens! We soon realised the ability to grow fresh, tasty, highly nutritious and packed full of flavour mini greens was ultimately the way forward

Oh! I almost forgot we are able to grow all year round, in our micro farm at home and super convenient for you.

We are now ready to share our passion with you and look forward to growing our dream with you.

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A company focused on service

We understand one of the most important aspects of our company is our customers. We are driven by the needs of our customers who help shape what we do and how we can bring the best produce directly to you. We are always at hand to answer queries and provide information which we feel sets us apart from everyone else.

We are passionate and committed to bringing affordable, healthy, fresh produce to our community and encourage access to growing for everyone no matter how small


Stronger Communities

Over  the last few years it has become really clear the value of communities and the benefit of growing them stronger. We are happy to support our customers, local groups, schools, individuals and are looking forward to building new partnerships through growing, information sharing and knowledge 


Greener & Sustainable

We are committed to adopt ethical and sustainable practices to best support a cleaner and greener world. We actively search for better ways of working, growing, packaging, recycling which forms how we conduct ourselves in business.

Our Values

We understand the choices we make can have a huge impact on people, the environment and the world. So we live by Empathy, Love, Humanity and Connecting Communities. Health and wellbeing is at the heart of what we believe and do through our work and would like to share that with everyone we reach. We would love to work with you!



Guaranteed Freshness, Using Organic seeds, Non GMO, No harmful chemicals, Grown from the heart of our family

Certified Products

We only source seeds from organic suppliers

We offer a flexible and easy way to buy

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