Hemp Grow Mat – 1 (single)



A superb invention – the  Terrafibre hemp grow mats ideal for growing microgreens

Size approximately: 25cm x 24cm  (you can cut to your desired size)

They are 100% natural and biodegradable. As well as being eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable for gardening they are a no mess, no fuss growing medium ideal for indoors

The hemp fibres are separated through a process without using chemicals and uses a needle punch technique which creates a light texture for roots to easily grow through. Hemp fibres have a high water retention keeping seeds wet through germination.

How to use for growing Hamsey Greens microgreens:

  1. Cut hemp mat to size
  2. Saturate the hemp mat, fibre side up and leave it to soak for 2 minutes
  3. Drain off the excess water
  4. Once drained sprinkle the seeds evenly on the surface (check back of seeds packet for specific directions)
  5. Black out with an opaque (non transparent) cover for 4-5 days to germinate
  6. When shoots begin to grow remove the cover and place they tray on a windowsill, shelf, tabletop, kitchen counter or breakfast bar etc for the remainder of the growth period
  7. Only water the microgreens from the side (never from the top) if they begin to droop or the hemp mat is dry
  8. Harvest and enjoy your delicious microgreens – alternatively leave them in the tray and cut as and when you want to extend their shelf life. You can peel the microgreens off from the hemp mat so you can eat the roots or cut them.

Hemp mats are so easy and can be composted after use

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